06 May 2013

THOUGHTS. Photo diaries

Do wakacji pozostało zaledwie ukończenie jeszcze dwóch egzaminów końcowych.
Nauka potrafi pochłonąć cały cenny czas i dla tego rezygnujemy z przyjemności
i wypadów "na miasto" ze znajomymi. Blog również schodzi na drugi plan. Pragnę by pogoda 
wreszcie się poprawiła! W tym roku niestety nici z wakacji za granicą więc żyję nadzieją że może i na Islandii w te lato zawita trochę słońca i temperatura przynajmniej 15+. A dzisiaj pamiętnik zdjęciowy 
z kilkunastu ubiegłych dni mojego życia, w wersji angielskiej. Dajcie znać czy taka odsłona tego typu postów też wam się podoba. Enjoy! 

Lovely fowers I've got from my boyfriend after 1 and half
year of beeing together.

My fave. smoothies! Strawberries, blueberries, rasberries,
peach and vanilla ice cream!

First summer day. Wearing my DIY peter pan collar and
pink&white blouse that my mother made.

A few days ago was my first time wearing this mint green jacket
that I bought 1 year ago.

Who doesn't love egg's for breakfast!?

I am big fan of eyeliner and pin-up make-up for really long time now.
Won't finish my make-up without an eyeliner on my eyelid.

My favorite dish! Sushi in TOKYO sushi restaurant have been
my everyday dinner for couple of months now.

Getting my last post ready.
You can see it here

I think short nails can be really cute if you make them
look cute.

He is my fave. <3

My mother bought me some cute summer dresses
for this summer while she was in Poland.

Yersterday was cozy day. Wearing some tracksuits, hoodie and wavy hair.

While studying for final exams yerstaerday.

Like I said I'm in love with pin-up make-up and
eyeliner. Trying new blue eyeliner on my buttom lashes
by NYX.

Hipster looking? Oh my boyfriend hates that. But I really can't describe
 my obsession with beannies,PLUS! My old but fashionable
mint jacket from H&M.

Looking for prom make-up or going to a casual party?
See here my last make-up I did on my best friend.

My new blue, neon ombre nails inspired by blogger Deynn.

Don't know how about you but I have been loving chocolate ice cream
lately with some snickers, daim, and strawberries!

Can you believe that we are fighting almost every single day?

Disgusting bee was under my bad when I woke up
couple day's ago.

Pretty first time I've been wearing skirt this years!
Even if black leather skirts was really in this spring.

My fave. snapchatter! Hahahahahaha.

Delicious american pancakes my sister made for dinner.

One of my lazyest outfit. Floral shirt under comfy blouse
I recently got from ONLY.

Lovely weather and lovely walk with my boyfriend.
In the end, it was cold as fuck...

And I wish you all good day!
Love you 

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